Who We Are

Atlantic Institute is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to facilitate dialogue and bridge cultures around the globe. For a better world of peace and understanding, we would like to develop public awareness for diverse cultures, beliefs, traditions and opinions. With our branches in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina, we have been able to dedicate our efforts and resources for building cross cultural and interfaith dialogue

Our Mission

 Global harmony through high human values, fostering respect and peaceful coexistence for all.

Our Vision

Atlantic Institute promotes peace, social cohesion, harmony, and understanding through education, community service, interfaith, and intercultural dialogue inspired by visionaries like Gandhi, M. Fethullah Gulen, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rumi, and Mother Teresa.

“Atlantic Institute believes that it is necessary to embrace diversity and build tolerance. Atlantic Institute aims to foster awareness for differing beliefs, traditions, and opinions.”