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At the Atlantic Institute, we believe in fostering a global community through education, interfaith dialogue, and meaningful social experiences. Our diverse range of programs is designed to inspire, connect, and promote understanding among individuals from all walks of life.


Express yourself through our Art and Essay Contests, attend insightful talks in our Lecture Series, connect over discussions in our Luncheon Series, and empower your leadership skills at our Leadership Forums.

Interfaith Dialogue

 Recognize peacemakers with our Peace and Dialogue Awards, share in unity at our Iftars, engage in open dialogue through the Table of Abraham Talks, and find moments of collective spirituality in our Prayer Programs.

Social Trips

Join our transformative Social Trips, whether exploring international destinations or discovering the beauty of our own country. Connect with diverse cultures, forge lasting friendships, and contribute to a more interconnected world with the Atlantic Institute’s Social Trips.

Join us now to explore, connect, and grow with the Atlantic Institute. 

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