Welcome from the President


Dear friends,

Becoming the new director for the Istanbul Center was such a privilege and honor. Now, I’d like to announce that I am transitioning with our new organization, the Atlantic Institute in Atlanta. Not only will this new organization continue the significant efforts put forth by the Istanbul Center, but it also extends the scope of our activities beyond the local community center activities and echoes a broader category of community outreach via educational programs such as academic, interfaith, intercultural and civic projects intended to enhance understanding among different communities. Our new name and the organization that has been founded reflect both the extensive work achieved by the Istanbul Center and its notable reputation developed in the Southeastern United States.

I want to officially welcome everyone as we begin this new year with a positive and proactive vision. I also want to thank our fellow branches within the Southeast in Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama for joining our new and exciting organization. I appreciate everyone’s involvement with the Istanbul Center in the past and look forward to working with our previous and new partners to come. Our Board of Trustees and our Advisory Board are also thrilled to begin this journey as a new organization. We believe in encouraging one another to create a more inclusive society that understands and respects one another. I thank our staff and volunteers for all the hard work you have put forth and look forward to the many achievements to come with Atlantic Institute.


Mr. Turan Kilic, President & CEO