Atlantic Institute: Ramadan (Iftar) Dinner

Atlantic Institute during the Holy Month of Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkish) has held the Iftar Dinner for the community and people had the opportunity to the break the fast with their friends from different religious backgrounds.

Dear Friends:

As the Holy Month of Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkish) approaches, Atlantic Institute - TN requests the pleasure of your presence at the breaking fast of Ramadan (Iftar) dinner which will be held on June 22th, 07:00pm 2016, Wednesday.

  Please do not hesitate to attend with your guest(s).
  During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast by abstaining from consuming water or food while the sun is out. Iftar - or fast breaking - dinners take place each night once the sun sets. This is an important time not only for those who participate in Ramadan because of their faith but also an important time for us to share our tradition with our friends from different backgrounds over delicious food and through lively conversation. It is truly a special time when people of all backgrounds come together and share in the Iftar experience, learning about different cultures and faiths in the process. Even though we are a non-religious organization, over 90% of Turks are Muslim and we thus host Iftar dinners every year for the community during Ramadan.
  This dinner is free and welcome to your guest(s) who would like to join, regardless of the faith. You do not need to fast in order to attend this dinner.  This is a wonderful experience with delightful food and companions to share a meal with.