Intercultural Trips

Intercultural trips are an integral aspect of our organization. They allow us to carry out our mission of creating cross-cultural understanding through person-to-person connections.  We believe that the only way to truly gain an understanding of other cultures is by experiencing them personally.

For our trips, we aim to provide more than a basic sight-seeing and touristic experience. Instead, we aspire to lead trips that are layered with academic, interfaith and intercultural insights. We hope participants return from our trips with a greater understanding of the everyday life of people in the hosting country, how religion and politics affect each other, and how diversity exists within different cultures. 

Our international destinations include the countries of Turkey, Germany, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania and South Africa. Within all of these countries, we have established close ties to local partners, including local dialogue institutes that are on a mission similar to our organization. These connections to local partners allow us to provide the well-rounded experiences that we strive to offer to participants. Below you will find more information about our past and upcoming trip programs. 

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