Statement Regarding Recent US Travel Bans

Making America safe should always be a high priority for our government, and The Atlantic Institute supports actions taken by the US government to secure the safety of the people within its borders, given that they are constitutional and do not undermine our democratic values. We are however, concerned that recent action taken by the White House administration may be unnecessarily drastic and/or counterproductive to our national security and democratic goals.

Immigration and diversity have been the cornerstones of American society, since the first Pilgrims began arriving 400 years ago, creating a safe haven for those escaping persecution in Europe. Despite this integral tradition, the Trump administration has recently issued a temporary travel ban on seven Muslim majority nations: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. We stand with those in our community who are affected by this recent executive order.

We continue to believe that our partnerships with peoples around the world are paramount to our security and peace-building goals, and we support measures that strengthen our bonds with people around the world, rather than those which keep us divided. We remain confident that the American people and the government are able to overcome this recent seven nation travel & immigration ban. In the meantime, we urge our communities to continue to work together and respect one another, regardless of faith, culture, immigration status, or point of view.

The Atlantic Institute’s mission is to promote peace, understanding and friendship  through interfaith and intercultural dialogue. As such, we offer our unwavering support for those who may be affected by or feel ostracized by these recent executive actions, and will continue to facilitate and join any effort to reconcile social and political tensions through respectful dialogue.

 Peace and Blessings, 

 -The Atlantic Institute