About The Atlantic Institute of Central Florida

Who are we?

The Atlantic Institute of Central Florida is an independent, non-profit organization   whose goal is to facilitate dialogue and bridge cultures from multiple regions of the world. To reach a greater understanding and acceptance of cultures, it is necessary to embrace diversity and build tolerance for differing beliefs, traditions, and opinions.  Through its educational programs, dedicated to building cross-cultural and interfaith awareness and dialogue, the Atlantic Institute develops and builds greater understanding and a more inclusive society in Central Florida.

As an academic and educational organization, Atlantic Institute seeks to provide opportunities for growth and expansion of understanding. Its current educational programs include leadership forums for university students, distinguished speaker series, and international trips to foster direct cross-cultural communication. In addition, it also sponsors an annual Art & Essay Contest featuring works created by middle school and high school students.

The American creed, which unites all races, ethnicities, classes, religions, and ways of life on this soil, remains to be a powerful source of inspiration for Atlantic Institute. The Turkish-American community has been a significant contributor to social harmony in the nation by organizing events, trips, and conferences for inter-cultural dialogue and understanding.

As the basis of its mission, the Atlantic Institute is influenced by the teachings and wisdom of many scholars and figures such as the poet Rumi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa,Mahatma Gandhi and Fethullah Gulen.  Each emphasizes the importance of dialogue and understanding in advancing a world where tolerance and acceptance of differing cultures is the norm.

In January 2017, the Board of Advisors and local American and Turkish American sponsors encouraged to found a more local focused organization with local Board of Trustees as "Peace & Friendship Society of Central Florida Inc.", sharing the same mission and vision and continue to do business as the Atlantic Institute of Central Florida that has been serving Central Florida for more than 10 years. 

PFS continues to serve the Central Florida community to promote interfaith dialogue and eliminate the prejudices and misunderstandings between people and cultures and will be known as  “Atlantic Institute of Central Florida.”

Organizational Documents: