We place a great deal of emphasis on Academic and Educational Programs. We believe that a thriving society relies upon individuals who have a true understanding of themselves as well as an understanding of other individuals and other communities in the world. Throughout the year we hold various lectures, luncheons, talks and training programs in which specialists assist us in creating a learning environment for participants. 

We also believe in the importance of learning from young people around us and their unique perspectives. This is the basis of our Art and Essay Contest for middle school and high school students. These young students contribute a great deal of insight through their artwork and literature and we provide the top winners with an opportunity to further open their mind and hearts to other cultures by awarding them an international trip.

Below you can find more information about our past and upcoming Academic and Educational Programs.

Recent Events

Waging the Greater Jihad: Toward an Islamo-Christian Theology of Cross-Cultural Living

Dr. Scott C. Alexander, who is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies & Director of the Catholic - Muslim Studies Program Catholic Theological Union (CTU) at Chicago, gave a speech titled “Waging the Greater Jihad: Toward an Islamo-Christian Theology of Cross-Cultural Living” followed by questions & answers session. 


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