Attack in Nice, France, leaves 82 dead, 202 injured

Last night, in Nice, France, a lone individual mowed down a crowd with a truck during the July 14th Bastille Day celebrations, leaving 84 dead, and over 200 injured. On a day when France celebrates its liberation and joy, the country is left to mourn another horrific attack against their humanity and culture. Amidst all of the carnage the world has endured over the last year- Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Istanbul, Baghdad, and now Nice, it’s become difficult to write the same message again and again, of outrage, grief, and condemnation, and requests for prayers for the victims of these attacks and their families. We are tired of the death and the violence, and we want to fight for non-violence, peace, and solidarity with the people of our world. Let us rebuild our world, advocate for peace, and dialogue, and break this cycle of violence.

Praying for France,

The Atlantic Institute