About Atlantic Alabama

Atlantic Institute is an independent, non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta, GA whose goal is to facilitate dialogue and build bridges among different cultures. In order to construct a better world of peace and understanding, and to appreciate the coexistence of cultures, we believe it is necessary to embrace diversity and celebrate rich cultural traditions that form the United States of America. We want to foster awareness for differing beliefs, traditions, and opinions.

Atlantic Institute of Alabama is one of the branches in the Southeast and has been serving in Alabama since 2013.  At the same time, Peace Valley Foundation (PVF) is the organization which promoted dialogue, respect, and cooperation in Alabama since 2006. The Peace Valley Foundation Board members decided to transfer some of its activities (interfaith, academic and educational programs) to Atlantic Institute, while continued to do its other programs with the Istanbul Cultural Center. Gradually the Peace Valley Foundation decided to continue its efforts in community service and intercultural activities with its new name of Istanbul Cultural Center.

Thanks to the members of the Board of Trustees of PVF and its hardworking staff, dedicated volunteers, generous donors and trusting friends and supporters, Peace Valley Foundation had become a symbol of dialogue in statewide Alabama. Over the years its scope of work had expanded beyond community services originally intended for Turkish Americans of Alabama and reached to the areas of interfaith dialogue, academic activities, youth, education and social responsibility projects.

Atlantic Institute provides various academic and educational platforms to provide opportunities to increase understanding and awareness of the vast and diverse cultures in our society. We are significantly influenced by the teachings and writings of Turkish-Muslim scholar Mr. Fethullah Gulen who emphasizes the importance of education, dialogue and understanding, in an effort to create a world in which tolerance and acceptance of differing cultures prevail. These universal values are esteemed by many previous scholars and leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Rumi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and their followers. This gives us hope and motivation that we can find common denominators with the vast majority of human beings.

Our educational programs include leadership forums for university students, distinguished speaker series, sponsored international trips as a way to foster direct cross-cultural communication, as well as our annual Art & Essay Contests, which features works of art and composition from Middle School and High School students across the Southeastern United States.